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Drywall Patching
drywall patching

Big or Small Drywall Patching Services. We do it all!

Drywall patching doesn’t always result from children playing too hard or an accidental foot-in-the-wall from rough-housing. It often occurs when you remove hooks and hangers from the wall or ceiling. And while there are a lot of DIY tools for small to medium patches – it’s not always worth your time and energy to fix. Especially on a textured wall!

Whether you have a bunch of small drywall patching repairs or large drywall repairs from basement water damage, the team at Drywall Medic can help you get the job done quickly. We service both Victoria and Vancouver, BC, residential and commercial clients.


The Best Drywall Patching Contractors in the Business

Drywall Medic is well-known for our drywall patching and repair services in Victoria, BC because we can match existing textures like no other. We also care about your home, so we cover your property with plastic and clean up after every job.

For homes throughout Vancouver – both historical and new stratas, we will deliver outstanding results and professional customer service.  

Drywall Medic also provides drywall patching and repair throughout Vancouver, BC and all the lower mainland communities including:

Drywall/Plaster Patching

If you’ve ever tried to patch drywall holes by yourself, you likely already know that DIY drywall patching can be more difficult than expected. You will first need the right surface preparation and proper drywall mud (with the right amount of moisture). Then you need to know how to skim the drywall patch to avoid excessive sanding, because if done wrong you will have ugly ‘mounds’ or ‘lumps’ in your wall or ceiling after you paint. And what originally seemed like a simple job can leave you with a dusty mess, an irritating blemish on the wall, and your time and money wasted!

Save time and call the experts for drywall patching and repair services in Victoria, BC! After our team at Drywall Medic finishes the job, we’ll prime and paint, and make it look like nothing was ever there. From boarding to finishing and painting, our highly skilled drywall and paint technicians will patch and match your wall to perfection.

Patching Hole Repair

Sometimes, holes in drywall or plaster are too deep or large to patch effectively. But this is where Drywall Medic’s knowledge and expertise in patching walls and ceilings can save the day. We’ll inspect the hole and find a viable solutions. Then we will patch the hole, followed by applying a smooth compound on it over to minimize the sanding. We can finish by painting the surfaces to a perfect colour match to your current walls. After we are done, you’ll never know that there was drywall patching performed.

Types of Drywall Patching We Perform

We patch drywall holes both big and small, provide drywall ceiling crack repair, and perform countless other types of drywall repair jobs for Canadian homeowners. Here are just a few things we can do around your home when you schedule drywall repair services in Victoria, BC:

We can help you repair all your drywall patching repair created from door handle gouges to holes in the wall from hockey pucks and even dents from furniture. 

If the drywall mud is not applied correctly, you can get air bubbles in your drywall tape that lead to failure. This becomes unsightly and isn’t always easy to fix – especially in corners. We can help you patch or re-tape any loosened joint tape that you see in your home.

Victoria and Vancouver are known for their wet climate. Discovering mould or mildew on your wall or ceiling is never a pleasant experience – and it’s something that should not be neglected. If you have any issues with mouldy drywall and need professional drywall patching services to replace and fix the mouldy drywall, we’re here for you. Contact us to book your free estimate.

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You don’t have to keep tolerating that damaged, dingy, depressing drywall if you’re native to Victoria, Sooke, Langford, Duncan, Mill Bay, Colwood, Metchosin, Saanich, North Saanich, Sidney, Oak Bay, or Esquimalt, BC. Our drywall repair contractors can restore your walls, ceilings, and more to their former glory in no time. We also work with homeowners on popcorn ceiling repair and popcorn ceiling removal, so feel free to book these services as well!

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