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Texture Repair
texture repair

Texture Repair Services For Your home or Business

It can be a struggle to find a suitable and competent drywall contractor near you for your ceiling or wall texture repair. Whether you have smoke and water damage or an entire wall or ceiling in need of texture repair, Drywall Medic has the experience and skill to match the most difficult texture. It’s because recreating or matching existing textures takes years of experience to master. Our texture repair professionals have the tools and techniques to help you match existing texture or create new textured surfaces.

The Best Texture Repair Contractors in the Business

We’re well-known for our drywall repair services, texture repairs and painting in Victoria and Vancouver, BC, and we specialize in popcorn ceiling removal and other texture repairs. We travel to your home and service all locations on Vancouver Island:

Dywall Medic Vancouver, BC helps residential and commercial owners fix their ceiling and wall texture repair to all the lower mainland communities including:

Ceiling Texture Repair

It is common for ceilings to be covered with a texture. And even though it’s often removed from old homes to make a new flat look, new homes are starting to apply ceiling texture in new designs. Drywall medic achieves this look on drywall ceilings by working with drywall mud or other textured materials mixed with paint to create any number of desired effects.

Wall Texture Repair

Textured surfaces have certain advantages that flat surfaces don’t. For example, a textured wall or ceiling can help conceal any gaps or scrapes in the wall that might be difficult to otherwise repair. The texture conceals flaws in a surface, making it an excellent choice for a quick and low-cost fix. 

The proper wall texture repair can also reflect light differently than smooth walls, giving a unique feel to a space. Lastly, as opposed to flat walls, textured surfaces can significantly minimize sound transmission through the walls.

Types of Texture Repairs

We can repair and match any wall or ceiling texture in your home including drywall holes, ceiling crack repair, and perform countless other types of drywall repair jobs for Canadian homeowners. Here is a list of types of textures Drywall Medic can help you achieve:

Repairing popcorn ceilings isn’t that easy, considering every popcorn ceiling is applied manually and subjectively by the technician. Therefore matching the look and feel of crumbled or flattened popcorn ceiling texture takes patience and skill. Our team of professional texture repair pros can help you repair or remove your popcorn ceiling – followed up with a fresh coat of paint

This type of ceiling texture is rightfully called “orange peel” because it looks exactly like the soft skin of an orange. This texture can be applied by Drywall Medic’s professional drywall team with a sprayer or a roller using thinned drywall mud.

Named after the drywall tool used to apply the mud, this texture is one of the more popular forms of textured ceilings.

Knockdown ceiling texture consists of wide blots of drywall mud applied to the ceiling. It is not quite as spaced out as the skip trowel, however, this type of texture is also found on walls.

The stipple ceiling texture is a common design found in heritage homes throughout Vancouver, BC. Made using a soft brush with long bristles, Drywall Medic can match the most complicated stipple ceiling textures.

Very much like a stipple ceiling in its application, the swirl ceiling texture is one in which it produces a circular repeating design.

Often considered an elegant and soft design, lace ceiling texture involves applying a coat of paint and drywall mud followed by a second coat of a different color. You see this in older 1980’s and 1990’s homes throughout Victoria and Vancouver, BC.

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